What VHMAzores can do for you

Why you should consider Vacation Home Management Azores for your property rental and care.

Our business is to protect your investment while providing a return to offset the cost of owning vacation property.
We have been credited with the Trip Advisor recommendations for our personal property, Quinta das Acacias.
We specialize in providing the highest level of professional and courteous service for every owner and guest.
We care about every property as our own and we strive to meet every owner’s specific needs so they can feel comfortable that their property is in the right hands.
Our mission is to provide an exceptional vacation experience for paying guests so they return frequently and recommend our company to their friends and colleagues resulting in more bookings.
We have a local, professional presence that can respond immediately to guest's and owner’s needs, 24/7.
We are experienced and can make the right decisions about your property to maximize your profits.
We market nationally and internationally on multiple websites.
We guarantee 2 bookings or we will refund your advertising fee.
We require a security damage deposit on rentals to protect against accidental damages to your property.
We provide a complimentary welcome package that increases the home's desirability.
We provide free consultation to owners on furnishings and staging the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be frequently requested.  We can also provide these services at an agreed charge.
We set competitive rental rates based on market demand and we know when to adjust them to maximize your revenues.
We inspect your property inside and out both before and after each rental to ensure our cleanliness standards are met, and to eliminate any potential problems before they arise.
We manage all keys and control all forms of access to your property so no interruptions occur with guests. No unauthorized parties can access your property.
We NEVER use your property for our company or personal use. Only paying guests and owners are authorized to stay in the house.
We have high quality standards for our housekeeping and guest experience services and monitor our standards continuously for higher guest satisfaction.
We invest in several internet and advertising distribution channels to promote rentals and generate more guests’ searches to view your property, all at no extra cost to you.
We continuously update our website to keep it fresh, informative and appealing to the huge market of online vacation seekers so that more people use the site and link to it to increase its standings in online searches.
We take professional photographs of your property and create detailed listings that describe the features of both the property and the surrounding area and amenities so guests feel more comfortable and informed and choose our properties over others.
We handle all aspects of the reservations: confirmation correspondence, directions, payment methods and sales and after visit follow throughs.
We send you detailed quarterly revenue reporting so you have your rental money quickly.
We can manage all facets of your property maintenance needs using our property care staff and by coordinating with local vendors and subcontractors so you don't have to.
When you sign up with our rental program, we take care of obtaining high quality photos of your property, taking a detailed inventory of your home, developing detailed directions to your property, implementing access control procedures to your home, developing detailed instructions on the use of equipment in your home, submitting detailed listings on several advertising websites and setting up your home in our property management system as well as reporting to the officials.

Vacation Home Management Azores