What are Owners responsible for?

  • Paying their monthly mortgage, utilities, insurance and other obligations associated with owning the home.
  • Providing public liability insurance for their property to ensure they are thoroughly protected during guest rentals.
  • Furnishing the home with the required inventory items that would increase the homes desirability.
  • Ensuring the home is in full operating condition prior to the first reservation. Some examples are: installing and activating all utilities, ensuring all mechanical systems are in good working order, ensuring all furnishings and inventory items are in place and in good condition.
  • Providing basic maintenance on the home to keep it in good working condition and looking fresh.
  • Providing repairs or replacements for items and inventory resulting from normal wear and tear. Damages, repairs or inventory replacement resulting specifically from a Guest’s negligence are paid for by the Guest or the Accidental Damage insurance.
  • Owners can use a service provider of their choice for any of the tasks above or may elect to Vacation Home Management Azores to coordinate any or all of these services. Costs for maintenance and repair services can conveniently be integrated into the Owner’s monthly statements.