Home Watch Program

Both financially and emotionally, your vacation home is one of the largest investments you may ever make. Vacation Home Management Azores, an affiliate with Quinta das Acacias Rural Accommodations, can care for your home while you are away. Our Home Watch service features weekly or biweekly inspections based on your preferences. You can be assured that while you are away, Vacation Home Management Azores will be your eyes and ears looking after your home. We inspect the interior and exterior of the home and report any signs of trouble. Just some of the areas we monitor include:

We will monitor interior concerns:
  • Water heater operation
  • Signs of pest damage
  • Security breaches—we check all gate, doors and windows to make sure they are secure and operating properly.
  • monthly cleaning as per agreement will be arranged.
 On the exterior of the home we will:
  • Look for signs of pest damage and security breaches
  • Report to you potential concerns
  • Make additional inspections after major storms
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Inspect for damages to grounds (fallen trees and broken limbs)
  • Monthly garden keeping as per agreement will be arranged.

For those that wish, we will also run dishwashers, washing machines, flush toilets and start vehicles as needed.

Our staff is experienced in maintaining and managing properties. We know what can happen to a home in the Azores closed up for months. We have the expertise to respond, prevent or minimize potential damage. Our experience and attention to detail will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is cared for.