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Vacation Home Management Azores
Rua da Maiorca a Lapinha, #74
Livramento Sao Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal 9500605
Tel: 011-351-925-547-246

Eduino and Bonita Sousa made a life transition when they moved to São Miguel in 2006. Eduino, born on São Miguel, immigrated as a young boy with his family to western Canada in 1968. He met Bonita in college. Throughout the years, they have developed expertise in several career environments. Eduino´s profession as a welder developed into a successful art career in metal sculpting. His sculptures are displayed in Canada, United States, Belgium, France and the Azores. A private collection of his works is displayed in Quinta das Acacias, the only private sculptural gardens in the Azores. Bonita, born in Canada has worked more than two decades in sales, administration and bookkeeping. These career experiences have led Eduino and Bonita into a rewarding business of investment and property management.
After traveling to the Azores on vacation with their sons, Christopher and Brandon, they pursued the idea of purchasing a vacation home. In the process, they were introduced to Quinta das Acacias. They purchased the Quinta in December, 2006 and opened the doors to world travelers in 2007 with new and improved operations.

During that initial process of looking for a vacation home, an important factor needed to complete that idea was the necessity to find a management service to look after the investment.  At the time there was no property management company to be found in São Miguel.  In 2009, Vacation Home Management Azores was founded under the direction of Quinta das Acacias and the management expertise of Eduino and Bonita.

Today, the proven success of Quinta das Acacias enables Eduino and Bonita to help outside visitors with the purchase and management of their dream vacation home.

Vacation Home Management Azores
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Bonita Sousa..........(011-351) 925-547-246
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