Owner testimonials

“We have been working with Ed and Bonita since 2018. It is incredibly reassuring when you leave your property in the hands of people who care as much about your investment than you do. We can count on them day and night, year-round and so can our guests. This is truly a turnkey service, and we are so grateful we partnered with them.”
Paul and Michele, Canada (2018-present)
I first became familiar with Ed and Bonita Sousa totally coincidentally while investigating the possibility of home purchase in the Azores. They had helped someone else with the process and thought I should definitely enlist their help if they were agreeable.
I had a list of houses that I considered potentials and Ed started with my number one choice and reported to me that he thought I’d be very comfortable with it. I was not able to personally look at the house for two months after that, but based on Ed’s assessment made an offer and sent a deposit. On arrival Ed snd Bonita took me to the house to meet with the owner and realtor. Then to lawyer and offices to take care of all the business related issues. Everything went very smoothly thanks to Ed and Bonita.
Since the purchase in the spring of 2020 they have looked after the house for us. They’ve taken care of making arrangements for whatever upgrades and maintenance that was needed. They’ve made good recommendations and suggested alterations  Knowing the local culture and having contacts was most helpful. We’ve enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them.
I am grateful for their assistance and friendship.
Claudia Rozuk, USA, (2020 to present)
VHM Azores (Eduino and Bonita) have been managing my vacation rental property on Sao Miguel island since 2019. I have always found them to be thoroughly professional, trustworthy, very capable, and easy to communicate with. Their interaction with the guests has always been first class. They have arranged many improvements and repairs to the property on my behalf with great attention to detail. As I am an "absentee" owner who hasn't visited the island for some time, this is very important to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other owners. You can rest assured your property will be very well cared for.
John McLean, Madeira Island (2019 to present)
A Bonita e  Eduino (VHM Azores) são pessoas muito profissionais, com grande conhecimento e experiência na área do turismo, conhecem muito bem as necessidades e características de cada turista e conseguem sempre responder com muita precisão e satisfazer as necessidades dos clientes da melhor forma. Em consequência deste tratamento personalizado e cuidado aos clientes, obtemos pessoas satisfeitas com vontade de voltar e recomendar o nosso imóvel.
O Eduino e a Bonita gostam de manter os imóveis com elevado nível de conforto e qualidade, por isso estimulam os proprietários a investir continuadamente nos seus imóveis. Tendo com isto o objetivo de oferecer o melhor tipo de serviço aos clientes(turista) e consequentemente um melhor retorno de investimento para o proprietário.
Devido ao excelente e constante trabalho realizado pela VHM Azores através da Bonita e do Eduino temos conseguido excelentes taxas de ocupação ao longo de todo o ano. Assim sendo, estou muito satisfeita com a colaboração com a VHM Azores.
P. Soares, São Miguel, Azores (2016-2021)
We would like to recommend anyone interested in buying property in Sao Miguel to hire Vacation Home Management Azores (VHM) in their search for a property/house.
 As for ourselves, we first got in touch with VHM (Ed and Bonita Sousa) during March 2014 when we rented an amazing property from them. During our stay, we decided to look for a small house on the island, and our friends, Ed and Bonita provided us with some ideas and concrete advice on how to proceed if/when we were about to make a decision.
 In September, and after we made up our mind, we got in touch with them and we were asked to provide inputs regarding what we were looking for, e.g., location, price-range, amenities, etc.
For what have turned out to be a more than reasonable fee, Ed and Bonita promised to conduct a property search according to our requirements, setting up viewing schedules with a lawyer, real estate agents, and property owners.
Once on the island, and prior to visiting the shortlisted properties, Ed and Bonita went through and provided us with information on pros and cons of all the properties we were about to visit. During the visits, Ed's expertise, based on years dealing with properties on Sao Miguel and also a long list of other expertise like housing, gardening and much more, proved invaluable for us when it came to both pointing out what needed immediate attention and suggestions of future improvements as well as what the real market value of a property could be. The last point is particularly important, as it appears that real estate agents mark up their asking prices of about 20 per cent in hoping that someone will bid. Without local expertise, it would be easy to be fooled to pay too much.
 We finally made the decision to focus on one particular property and after not too long, we reached an agreement with the sellers. During all of this process, i.e., contacts with the real estate agent, a lawyer, and local authorities, Ed was with us providing professional support.
As a final word for anyone interested in buying property in Sao Miguel, now seems to be the time considering that it seems to be somewhat of a buyers´ market. If you reach this decision, by all means go through Vacation Home Management Azores: We can without doubt say that we could never have managed it without their help and patience!
The great Michelangelo once said, “My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through earth’s loveliness.”
There is this beautiful masterpiece, where the happy colors of rainbow dances and the four elements creates such perfect harmony that one almost can touch the heart of beauty. Behold! For this masterpiece is no man-made work of thoughts, but the magnificent creation of nature.
When we first visited the green island of Sao Miguel, I thought it has to be the place where I’ve always belonged but didnt know were to look except in the tales of the fairies! From east to west, from north to south, everywhere you go you’ll find a new surprising treasure given to the island by the warm hands of mother nature.  This marvelous beauty that painted this breathtaking landscape has also brushed upon the people who share the island.
We were fortunate to have met Bonita and Ed and lived in their timeless “Stonehouse” – one that is embraced with an almost magical view – when we first arrived to the island. The warmth, kindness and professionalism they have shown us were one of a kind. Today we are the proud owner of a wonderful house in Sao Miguel. We owe it to our dear friends Bonita and Ed. This probably wouldn’t be possible without their help.
Although I adore the master painter Michelangelo, I came to the conclusion that this fair green island of Azores is the heaven to be.
Many thanks to the people of Sao Miguel, and especially Bonita and Ed
m and Rita, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014-2019

I had the pleasure of working with Ed & Bonita on several projects of the last 4 years and this collaboration deserves my recommendation. 
I appreciate their attention to detail when preparing their vacation properties for their guests, no item is spared and always with the comfort of their guests in mind.  I commend Ed & Bonita’s´ high standards in the cherry picking of their choice of properties.
Finally their belief systems advice and opinions I hold to the highest degree; they have empowered me in my own business endeavors.  All I all, in my experience, both Ed & Bonita are exceptionally high quality individuals.
Zelda Melo, Vacation Homes Faial, Azores
Dear Bonita and Ed,
I've had the pleasure of knowing you for almost 2 years now. So I think that a description of the work you have done for my brother and I, can be beneficial for other home owners in Sao Miguel.
Dear Home owners - If you are consider renting out your house or get someone to keep an eye on it while you are away, I can only recommend you to contact the vacation home management. I've been extremely happy with a professional and durable agreement. It’s not always easy to find people who make agreements in order to keep them 100%. Nevertheless, it is the case with Bonita and Ed.
Vacation Home Management has taken care of our house for maintenance and rental.
In the case with the rental of the house there is only one thing to say: Earnings have risen by 85%.
This is partly due to Bonita and Ed. They are highly skilled to handle the tenants, it is my impression that they meet people with open hearts and curiosity. I highly recommend to leave a rental project to Bonita and Ed, they know the island, will welcome people the best way its possible, they are trustworthy so the guests want to return again.
For us as owner it’s nice that the rental functions as well as it does. But it’s also important that the investment we have made on the island is taking care of and keep maintained.
Previously we always had to work on the house when we finally found the time to be there. garden and house needed a loving hand and the holiday soon became "working holiday"
With the agreement we made with Bonita and Ed it’s now much more pleasant to arrive in Sao Miguel and to our house. The garden is cared for, the house is clean and we can hardly feel that there have been guests since we were there last.
 Every time I arrive I think of the first 5 years we had the house - what a work we each time had to go through before we could enjoy ourselves. Now it’s a pleasure and I have peace in my life because I know that everything is taken good care of.
Thank you Bonita and Ed.
Kind regards,
K. Lundin, Denmark, owner -2008-2015
My name is Joe Belchior. My wife Patricia and I have owned property in the beautiful island of Sao Miguel for approximately 20 years.
About 4 years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Ed and Bonita Sousa. During the course of general conversation we mentioned the frustration we had been having with the previous person looking after our place. At that point Ed and Bonita offered their services. A very unsophisticated one page agreement was drawn up between us and so for the past 2 years they have been managing our place.
I have no way of expressing my level of satisfaction with their services. Not only are they professional at what they do, they are also caring and treat my property as if it was their own. I would most certainly highly recommend their services to anyone.
Owner: J. Belchior, Canada, 2008-present

The first time we heard from Bonita and Eduíno´s business was through the local newspaper “Acoriano Oriental”, October 2010. They were looking for houses to rent overlooking the sea and, because we have one “Quinta de Milhafres” located in Ribeira das Tainhas, Vila Franca do Campo, we decided to contact them.
Our guesthouse was remodeled according to Bonita and Eduino high quality patterns and we were supported by them through the whole process with ideas and suggestions. The house was ready for rent in April 2011.
The first guests arrived on the last week of June and they kept coming during the whole summer until the end of October. Their reviews regarding our guesthouse and Bonita and Eduino´s service reveal that they are excellent professionals. A common point of the reviews, beside the compliments to “Quinta de Milhafres” guesthouse, is the personalized and careful service that Bonita and Eduino give to guests, since the first contact until the day they leave. And, it does not stop there. Bonita follows up with comments and suggestions that are published in the house website.
Also, their relationship with us, house owners, is solicitous, always toward successful partnership. We are taking some steps to benefit our guesthouse, such as open an easier access to the beach, so that our next guests can enjoy even better the surrounding nature.
The partnership with Bonita and Eduino has been personally and financially rewarding. Even though it is recent, less than a year, it will certainly last. We can honestly say that it was a very good idea to answer back their post in the newspaper.
F. and P. Viera, Azores Islands, Portugal, owner 2011-2013